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新一轮寒潮来袭 12个小诀窍助你温暖度过(双语)

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  We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they did to avoid freezing to death. Here are the tricks they think will actually make you feel warmer.


  1. Leave your electric blanket on the lowest setting while you sleep.


  "Get a heating blanket, put it under your sheets, and turn it on about 15 minutes before you go to bed. You can leave it on the lowest setting all night. Then put your clothes under your blankets while it's still on in the morning so they aren't cold!" —annat438173412


  2. Blow-dry your whole body.


  "I use a hair blow-dryer on all of my body. It's perfect before climbing into a cold bed." —j42f415ef1


  3. Toss your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes.


  "Put your underwear in the dryer for 10 minutes before you get dressed. It really keeps me warm!" —emmakloepfer


  4. Run your wrists under hot water to allow your whole body to warm up faster.


  "My uncle, who is on ski patrol, told me that the easy access to veins in your wrists allows the warmed-up blood to travel through your body, making you feel warmer after just a few seconds." —kaelenmariec


  5. Warm up with a hot potato.


  "What my mother used to do when we were kids was put a potato in the microwave for 20 secs and have us hold it when walking somewhere cold." —gracegloriag


  6. Start slurping hot sauce packets.


  "Any kind of spicy food. Trust me." —elizabethg4ed69df38


  7. Hack your mind.


  "I remind myself that nothing is colder than unheated hostel showers in Ireland during the winter. I really do get warmer." —laurenc4c28017be


  8. Opt for taking a bath over showering.


  "Soak in a bath. You absorb the heat from the water and retain it once you get out. It also helps if the cold messes with your circulation." —erenah


  9. Let down ALL your hair.


  "I just let my leg hair grow out. Free fur coat ya know." —karab49bc883b8


  10. Do something that makes you blush.


  "I usually do something to intentionally embarrass myself, and then I instantly start sweating from a full-body blush." —brgardiner


  11. Consider talking to your doctor about getting a prescription.


  "I have Raynaud's (along with rheumatoid arthritis). For those suffering from extreme coldness, it is a great option to talk to your doctor about." —livvey


  12. And finally, relaaaaaaaaxx.


  "Relax your muscles. If they are tight your mind will know you're cold. By relaxing them your brain thinks you're comfortable." —theevilestsquirrel









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